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Small holes

If you've ever had a hole in your drywall, you know how difficult it is to repair. And there are as many "best practices" for repairing a hole in a drywall as there are holes and each of them claims to be the best. 

RK PLASTERPLUG really is the perfect solution. It is completely new and unique way to repair a drywall. And the best part is: your wall will be as good as new. You won't have any filler bumps or wires sticking out. You will even be able to insert a screw to that very same spot to hang a painting or a picture.



How to fix a wall with RK Plasterplug

Hole in a blue wall

Identify the problem.

drilled hole in the wall

Use RK PLASTERPLUG Drill Bit or a similar product the drill the hole to correct size. Choose the correct plug size. 

sanded hole in the wall

For the best result, sand and clean the surroundings of the hole with RK PLASTERPLUG Sanding Sponge.

cutting plasterplug to right length

Measure the depth of the hole and break the plug (with your hands) to the correct size.

putty on a plasterplug

Apply RK PLASTERPLUG Fix to the plug.

Plasterplug in the wall

Press the plug slightly inside the surface.

Filler spread over the plasterplug

Spread the filler over the plug.

timer set to 1 to 5 hours

Allow the filler to dry for 1-5 hours. 

sanded wall

Sand the surface for a smooth finish. 

wall being painted over with blue paint

Paint the wall with the color of your choice and you're done!