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Small holes

Large holes


Good to know about weatherproofing

When to replace seals?

Why to replace seals?

Choosing the correct seal

Checklist for weatherproofing

The most common mistakes in weatherproofing

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When should you replace window/door seals?

A window seal removal


You should check the weatherstrips' condition annually when you wash the windows or at minimum once every five years. The seals should usually be changed between 5-40 times during the windows'/doors' lifetime, depending on the quality and material of the seals. When you replace the weatherstrips, you should check the strips' durability - there are differences between materials and quality. 


The durability of materials (RK Seals)

PU-seal – lasts for 0,5 - 2 years
EPDM-seal – lasts for 4 - 8 years 
Silicone seal –  lasts for approx. 15 - 20 years
TPE-seal –  lasts for 12-15 years (environmentally friendly)

Hints on when to replace seals

  • Dust and soot in seals (leak or too narrow seal)
  • Water and snow between windows (leak or too narrow seal) 
  • Ice or vapour inside the outer window (inner seal too thin or old) 
  • Vapour in inner glass (no seal in outer window, high air moisture percentage, curtain or lots of flowers in front of window, weak deaeration or no replacement air ventilator)