Weatherproof TPE O-profile


  • Self-adhesive, colorless TPE -seal for doors and windows. TPE is a new, modern, high quality and fully recyclable material, which can withstand extreme weather conditions and over 100,000 door/window closings.

    Material lasts up to 12 years. It protects from cold, draft, humidity, dust and noise as well as saves energy. It’s flexible and water and wash resistant. It is suitable for most common window or door weatherproofing jobs.

    Avoid installation in temperatures below +5°C.

    Main features:

    • High quality, durable
    • Easy to install, self-adhesive
    • Suitable for 2-6 mm gaps
    • Blocks draughts 

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  • Size Color Code EAN Code
    7 mm 6 m 6418091344400 6418091344400

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