Weatherproof, Silicone, P-profile


  • RK Window and Door Seal is a high quality, permanently flexible, and self-adhesive silicone seal for doors and windows. Silicone rubber has many excellent and unique qualities, giving it a wide range of applications. It has excellent UV-resistance. This ensures that silicone products will not fade or lose their elasticity in strong sunlight and they last up to 20 years, depending on weather conditions.

    The base must be dry and clean. Clean the surface using RK Acetone or a similar oil-free product. Fasten the seal following the illustrations on the package.

    Avoid installation in temperatures below +5°C.  

    Main features: 

    • Suitable for 2-6 mm gaps
    • Diameter 7 mm
    • Adhesive strip width: 9 mm
    • Lasts up to 20 years
    • Easy to install, self-adhesive
    • Highly durable and flexible 

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  • Size Color Code EAN Code
    7 mm 100 m 6418091121438 6418091121438
    7 mm 6 m 6418091121452 6418091121452

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