Weatherproof, Silicone, O-profile


  • High quality, permanently flexible, and self-adhesive silicone seal for doors and windows. Silicone rubber has many excellent and unique qualities, giving it a wide range of applications. It has excellent UV-resistance. This ensures that silicone products will not fade or lose their elasticity in strong sunlight and they last up to 20 years, depending on weather conditions.

    Main features: 

    • O-profile
    • Suitable for 1-8 mm gaps
    • Lasts up to 20 yeas
    • Saves energy
    • Installed with RK Silicone or similar

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  • Size Color Code EAN Code
    200 m / 6 mm white L107 6418091345308
    200 m / 6 mm brown L108 6418091345315
    125 m / 8 mm white L109 6418091345322
    125 m / 8 mm brown L110 6418091345339

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