Arctic Addmix concrete winter additive


  • Additive for dry concrete and mortar and concrete made at the construction site. The anti-freezing agent ensures that the mass will cure in sub-zero temperatures without freezing. The curing of the product will continue down to -5 °C without heating so that CEM II A 42.5 R cement will achieve the freezing strength of 5 MPa in around 2 days. Compatible with all Portland cements. When mortar is used, the mortar must contain a sufficient amount of cement. The recommended volume is >20% of the dry weight. 

    Product features:

    • Mixing ratio with cement: 4-8 % or 1.5-3 kg of agent for a 40 kg bag of cement. Note! In dry concrete, the proportion of cement is around 10-25%.
    • Cures down to -5°C
  • Size Color Code EAN Code
    500 g P90 6418091060102


Category: pakkasukko

Type: additive