• Time-saving wall repair method for drywall. The empty space behind is no longer a problem. RK PLASTERPLUG is an actual repair solution that restores a drywall almost to its former state unlike traditional cosmetic repairs. The end result is a perfectly finished flat surface, which can be drilled same as new walls.


    How to repair a wall with RK Plasterplug:  

    1. Measure the size of the hole and choose the correct plug size.
    2. Drill or saw the hole to correct size. The hole should be slightly smaller than the Plasterplug, for example for a 12 mm plug you should drill the hole to 11 mm. 
    3. Sand and clean the edges of the hole.
    4. Apply filler and insert the plug.
    5. Make sure the plug is slightly recessed and apply filler on top.
    6. Allow for 1-5 hours’ drying time and sand excess filler.
    7. Paint the wall and you’re done!


    • Restores wall integrity
    • Quick & easy to use, saves time
    • You can use multiple plugs together to repair larger holes
    • Does not shrink - ready at once
    • Perfect finish
    • Suitable for drywall surfaces and wood
    • Countless repair options
    • Patented and award-winning wall repair innovation


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  • Size Color Code EAN Code
    S / 12mm (paketissa 5 kpl) D145 6418091643657
    M / 18 mm (paketissa 4 kpl) D148 6418091643671
    L / 34 mm (paketissa 2 kpl) D151 6418091643701
    XL / 84 mm (paketissa 1 kpl) D154 6418091643749

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