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Nordic ecolabel

Nordic ecolabel monitors the entire life cycle of the products, considering manufacturing, use, recycling and reuse. Products are evaluated with health, safety and the environment in mind. Moreover, it is essential that the product is durable and meet its intended use.

The environmental load of the Nordic ecolabelled chemical construction products is lower as they meet strict environmental and health requirements. Emissions into the atmosphere and water are also limited. The criteria related to the substances of the Nordic ecolabel are always more stringent than the legislation. Following the precautionary principle, unknown chemicals are prohibited until research results can prove their safety.

In the Nordic ecolabel criteria, the environmental impact of products and services is examined comprehensively from many different perspectives. The requirements help curb climate change, support the preservation of natural diversity, and promote resource efficiency and a circular economy.

Nordic ecolabel guides towards sustainable, environmentally friendly consumption. Nordic ecolabel is an official type 1 environmental label whose criteria consider the product's entire life cycle. There is a risk of greenwashing in some environmental labels, but Nordic ecolabel stands out as an ambitious and reliable brand. The Nordic council of ministers established the label in 1989. Nordic ecolabel makes it easier for users, companies and organizations to participate in the green transition.

You can find Nordic ecolabelled products in the RK selection, such as RK Universal Filler and RK Finishing Filler.