What is RK about?

paint-on-wet-on-tableRK is about making things easier. It's about doing thingssmarter. And simpler. It’s about building and maintaining that which you build.

RK is about fun and it’s about confidence. It's about looking at that accidental hole in the wall and laughing about it. Because it's really not a big deal. Because you know you can fix it asap.

 RK is about feeling good. About fixing that tile. About gluing that chair. About saving in the energy bill. About doing it yourself or helping your friend or customer.

RK is a collection of construction, renovation and home care products that work with you to make your life easier. Whether you do it yourself or ask for help we want you to understand why and how to do it. We’re not offering you miracles, just a simpler way of doing things.

Take care of what you care about and if you need help, give us a shout.