Universal Seal EPDM Industry


  • Black multi-purpose, self-adhesive, protection and sealing strip. The strip is made of micro-cellular EPDM rubber, which provides excellent protection against weather conditions. The seal has a wide range of applications, including protecting vehicles in a garage, vibration dampening (domestic appliances, boating and caravans) and noise absorption (gates, doors and hatch-doors). The uses are almost endless.  

    Installation instructions: 

    The installation surface must be dry and clean. Use RK Acetone or a similar oil-free product to clean the surface. Measure and cut the seal to length. Remove a small piece of covering paper and press the strip in place. Continue to slowly remove the covering paper, pressing it firmly in place.

    Avoid installation in temperatures under +5°C.


    • Easy to install
    • Industrial-grade EPDM rubber
    • Multi-purpose

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  • Size Color Code EAN Code
    5 x 10 mm 5 m L132 6418091121322
    5 x 10 mm 100 m L133 6418091121339
    8 x 15 mm 2 m L134 6418091121346
    8 x 15 mm 50 m L135 6418091121353

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